Extras For Sunglasses

Hello. Now that I hopefully have you interested in protecting your eyes, let’s get into some extras for sunglasses that you might want to take a look at.

These are just some basic things that you may or may not already have for either your sunglasses or prescription glasses. I did throw in a couple of gadgets that you might not know about.

Everything here applies to both sunglasses and eyeglasses, so let’s get started.

At Least A Case

“Not on your face – in the case”! This is a quote given to me by an optician replacing my glasses, so I can’t take credit for it. As I mentioned in one of my other posts, she could not believe how badly I abused my glasses and amazed that I could even see out of them. I guess you don’t even realize how badly they can get scratched up over time until you look out of a new pair (at least I didn’t).

That is when I learned the value of using a glass case, not only for clearer seeing, but also taking care of my investment. Do yourself a favor and if your present glasses didn’t come with one, get yourself a case.Case drawing

They come in all kinds of different styles. There are hard cases, soft cases, ones with belt clips, pocket clips, car visor clips, cases with every conceivable color, shape, design and cases to go with any kind of fashion.

So, no excuses, get yourself a case! Just make sure they fit your glasses well.

For Keeps Sake

Now, let’s see how to keep your glasses with you when not in the case. Some of you might like one of these options.

For keeping from losing my glasses, either from sliding off during an activity or when running in and outside, I sometimes use what I call “keepers”. There are a few different names for them; neck leashes, straps, cords, bands, chains or probably the most common name, retainers.

The whole idea is to secure your glasses around your neck by attaching one of these to both arms on the sides of your glasses. There are quite a few different types, but the general idea is the same.

Most retainers attach to the ends of the arms of your glasses by tight-fitting elastic push-on ends or adjustable elastic loops that slide over the arms. A lot of times sunglasses don’t have a real bend in the arms around the ears, so the push-on types work nicely.

Most of these are highly adjustable so that you can wear them as loose or as tight around the neck or head as you like. They range from athletic types that will stretch and adjust for activities and sports where you don’t want your glasses to budge, to chains that decoratively hang loosely around the neck.

Neck keepers can be as unnoticeable as small cords to fancy cloth and everything in between, even leather. Of course a multitude of colors is available in most styles, along with variety packs.

At any rate if you have trouble keeping your glasses with you, give one of these a try. It’s worth looking into at the very least.

Stay Put

Here are some ideas that you may want to try to keep your glasses securely in place while wearing.

These items are generally made of soft silicone or something similar and attach to the arms of your glasses behind the ears. The good thing is that they are pretty much hidden or virtually unnoticeable. They all have the same principle of not letting your glasses slide forward while wearing them.

The first of these are round sleeve retainers that slide over the ends of the arms and are adjustable to snug up behind the ears to prevent them from slipping forward.

Another type are ear grip hooks. I know that the word “hook” sounds uncomfortable, but they aren’t. These also are fully adjustable and slide over the ends of the arms behind the ears. The difference between these and the round retainers that I previously mentioned is that they actually go all the way around and down the back of the ear, much like glasses if they had a tight bend around the back of the ears. These would be great for the newer type glasses that have just a slight bend around the ears, or ones that have no bend at all.

And then there is one that attaches in two places and follows the curve of the glasses over the ears and the soft rubbery surface rides on the ear and won’t slide like the slick surface of the glasses your trying to keep in place.

You can also get anti- slip nose pads as another option if your glasses are that style.

As I mentioned these are all comfortable and pretty much unnoticeable. So if you have problems with your glasses sliding or are partaking in activities where they need to be more secure, these might be a few things to try.

Keep It Clean

Lens cleaners are definitely a must for obvious reasons. There are a couple ways to go.

You can either use a spray cleaner or disposable wipes that can come individually wrapped much like hand wipes. Which ever way you choose to go, make sure that they are made specifically for eyeglasses and sunglasses and are safe for coated lenses. Combine this with a quality microfiber glass cloth and you will see things more clearly.

Fix It

You might want to get yourself an eyeglass repair kit, if nothing else for emergency repairs. These tiny kits generally come with extra hinge screws, nose pads, small screwdriver, rubber hinge tighteners and maybe some small tweezers. Worth having even if you never need it. When in doubt though take them to an eyeglass dealer.

There You Go

Okay then. That about covers some basic extras and accessories that you might want to take a look at. Just giving you a few suggestions and hopefully I covered a couple things that addresses some issues you might have had problems with.

Take care of yourself and your vision.





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