Let’s Start Looking Into Sunglasses Types

Here we go. By now, we should be getting the idea that some, if not a lot of consideration should be given to buying a pair of sunglasses. There are so many sunglasses types out there that, I am just going to dive in and see where it goes. We have touched on the main considerations previously.

What do we know so far? We have seen the downfalls and ill effects of not wearing eye protection when venturing into the outdoors. We also know that 100 % UV protection is a must.

Now we are going to start looking at other feature’s out there that you may want or possibly need. Keep in mind that these do not take the place of or add to your already needed UV protection. They merely give you more benefits in different situations or conditions. Let’s get started.

What Does Polarized Lenses mean?Polarized lenses

This is a pretty common question. In essence, polarized sunglasses are designed to filter out horizontal glare.

What this means is that, it is designed to filter out the glare from sunlight bouncing off of such things as snow, ice, water, or even such things as the heat waves coming off of a paved surface. I personally like this feature in almost all conditions.

Sportsmen and athletes particularly like polarization because of the enhanced vision when doing such activities as winter sports like, skiing, sledding, snowshoeing or even building a snowman, etc. Almost anything done around or in the water, such as, fishing, water skiing, boating, sunbathing, well you get the idea. Most driving glasses incorporate this type of feature as well.

I think you will find out that regardless of what you are doing, everything will appear more crisp and clear with polarized lenses.

How Dark Should You Go?Tinted sunglasses

Or in other words, how much tinting do you want or need? This is a tough question. It almost boils down to personal preference and or desired appearance.

In some cases, particularly when an eye problem already exists, going darker may be the way to go. As you may have witnessed or maybe experienced, that when eye surgery or some form of eye treatment has been performed, that doctors insist on really dark glasses to be worn for some period of time. (even an eye patch in extreme cases)

You may want to go with the darker tinting when at higher elevations, or really long extended periods of time. But, like I said before a lot of this just boils down to what feels good.

What About Mirrored Sunglasses?Mirrored Sunglasses

Are there advantages to having mirrored or sometimes called reflective lenses? Sure there is. They tend to be more soothing on the eyes, because much of the incoming light is bouncing off of the lens. Therefore, the amount of light actually reaching the eye itself is greatly reduced.

Much like polarized lenses a lot of sports minded people like them, because of the help with glare from, snow, water, paved surfaces. Now, for me personally, I like both of these features together in my glasses.

When it comes to reflective lenses, many people are drawn to them just for a fashion look, or personality statement. This attraction is due to the many styles and colors, that they are available in. For some they might actually be a way of getting around shyness, bringing out their true personality.

To a lot of people, they simply “just look cool”. “Just don’t forget about the UV protection”!

Are Blue Blocking Sunglasses Still Around?Blue blocking sunglasses

Many of my younger audience might not know what I am talking about. A while back, sunglasses that blocked blue rays were quite popular. Of course, I had to have them, just because. The sun naturally gives off blue rays and filtering them out can make things somewhat clearer and brighter.

Blue blocking sunglasses can be handy when constantly going between inside and outside. The advantages to wearing them inside, is that they filter out these rays coming from artificial light, a major source of blue light. A number of people use them for that purpose in and around the home, even at night.

They’re okay for outside when combined with UV protection. Just something you would have to test out, because they do give a different view than most sunglasses.

Indoor advantages can be when spending extended amounts of time gaming, watching TV, on your phone, computer type devices, or around a lot of bright artificial light, such as fluorescent tubing, etc. In these cases many people find them relaxing and soothing to the eyes.

For those that are around artificial light a lot of the time, blocking these rays can help maintain proper sleep. Allowing blue light greatly suppresses melatonin, a natural chemical that aids the body in getting to sleep.

Does It Matter What Style I Get?

Of course, it matters. It’s you. Your appearance helps define who you are. Personal preference is your choice. I just want to give you some options you have available to you when it comes to eye wear.

There are hundreds of styles out there as you well know. We will explore a lot of factors for you to think about. Mostly compared to your lifestyle when it comes to what kind of activities, sports, etc. that you are involved in. Even if that means doing nothing. I myself consider that purposely not doing any activity, is in fact an activity in itself. Wow, that was almost profound.

Anyway’s we will get into a lot of the options out there, including some accessories worth mentioning. Maybe some of which you hadn’t considered before, but might now. For some of you with existing eye problems, this may open up a whole new world for you.


There is absolutely no reason to stress at all when buying sunglasses. We’re here to have fun with it.

By now, hopefully you are better educated and might even make some choices that you might not have considered before. You know that certain criteria should or needs to be met. Once that is done the rest is easy and fun.

Try to remember that the final goal is to get you outdoors safely and see the world in a different light.






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